2 Way Valve Actuator 220V, 3/4inch

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  • A 2-way valve actuator is an essential component in many industrial and commercial applications where the flow of liquids and gases needs to be controlled.
  • It operates by opening and closing a valve to regulate the flow of the fluid or air.
  • This type of actuator is powered by 220V AC voltage and is designed to work with a 3/4 inch valve.


There are different types of 2-way valve actuators available in the market, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators. Pneumatic actuators use air pressure to control the valve, hydraulic actuators use hydraulic fluid pressure, and electric actuators use an electric motor to control the valve.


Colour Name gold
Model Number 2 Way Valve Actuator 220V, 3/4inch
Model Name 2 Way Valve Actuator 220V, 3/4inch
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