3 Way Electric Valve Actuator, 220VAC, 1 Inch

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  • motorized valves(3-wire) are used to control the flow of hot water, chill water in heating, cooling or air-conditioning applications, so as to control room temperature indirectly
  • It consists of Actuator and Valve Body. The room temperature could be controlled in the set-point through turn-on or turn-off of valve.
  • They consist of an actuator, valve and a cartridge assembly 2-way valves are designed for on-off zone control of domestic systems. 3-way valves can be piped for either diverting or mixing valve applications in domestic central heating and/or cooling systems.

Colour Name Gold
What’s In The Box 3 Way Valve Actuator 220V, 1in
Model Number 3WVA220V1IN
Model Name 3 Way Valve Actuator 220V, 1in
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