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  1. Material:
    • High-quality galvanized iron with a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion.
  2. Sizes:
    • Available in a range of standard sizes to fit common duct dimensions. Common sizes include 12 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. Custom sizes may also be available upon request.
  3. Design:
    • Blade Type:
      • Parallel or opposed blade configurations for consistent and effective airflow control.
    • Frame:
      • Rigid and stable frame construction ensures proper alignment and stability within the duct.
  4. Operation:
    • Manual:
      • Simple lever or handle mechanism for manual adjustment of the damper position.
    • Motorized:
      • Optional electric or pneumatic actuators for automated control, compatible with building management systems for remote operation.
  5. Performance:
    • Leakage:
      • Designed to minimize air leakage when closed, ensuring efficient airflow management.
    • Pressure Drop:
      • Engineered to maintain low pressure drop across the damper when fully open, ensuring efficient airflow.
  6. Installation:
    • Suitable for both rectangular and round ducts.
    • Available with flanged or slip-on connections based on the type of ductwork.
  7. Standards:
    • Meets relevant industry standards for HVAC components, ensuring consistent quality and compatibility.
  8. Applications:
    • Ideal for use in commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC systems.
    • Suitable for zone control in office buildings, hospitals, schools, and other large facilities.
  • 12 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
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DUCT G.I VCD (Volume Control Damper) is an essential component in HVAC systems designed to regulate and control the airflow within ductwork. These dampers are constructed from galvanized iron (G.I), which provides durability and resistance to corrosion. VCDs are crucial for maintaining optimal indoor air quality and temperature by adjusting the volume of air passing through the ducts.


  1. Precise Airflow Control:
    • Enables accurate regulation of air volume, ensuring optimal distribution and comfort in different zones of a building.
  2. Corrosion Resistance:
    • The galvanized iron construction offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion, prolonging the damper’s lifespan and reliability.
  3. Durability:
    • Robust construction withstands physical impact and environmental stress, ensuring long-term performance.
  4. Cost-Effective:
    • Provides a reliable and economical solution for airflow management, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
  5. Ease of Installation:
    • Designed for straightforward installation in both new and existing ductwork systems, saving time and labor costs.
  6. Low Maintenance:
    • Requires minimal upkeep, contributing to lower operational costs and increased efficiency.

Additional Features:

  1. Adjustability:
    • Fine-tuning capability for precise control over airflow volumes, enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  2. Compatibility:
    • Easily integrates with other HVAC components such as duct silencers, air filters, and diffusers.
  3. Environmental Impact:
    • Made from recyclable materials, supporting sustainable building practices and reducing environmental impact.
  4. Customization:
    • Optional features such as insulation for noise reduction and thermal efficiency are available.

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12 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch


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