12.5UF 450V Capacitor Air Conditioner motor run capacitor

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  • Standard and professional capacitor, widely used and replaced for air conditioners, heat pumps and single phase motors’ start or running capacitor.
  • 450VAC Air Conditioning AC Compressor Capacitor


A 12.5 microfarad (uf) 450-volt alternating current (VAC) capacitor specifically designed for use in air conditioning systems is a type of capacitor that is used to store electrical charge and release it as needed to help power the compressor in an air conditioning system. The capacitance rating (12.5 uf) indicates the amount of electrical charge that the capacitor can store, while the voltage rating (450 VAC) indicates the maximum voltage that the capacitor can safely handle. This particular capacitor is designed for use with an AC compressor, which is a type of motor that is used to compress and circulate refrigerant in an air conditioning system. The capacitor helps to provide the necessary electrical current to the compressor motor to improve its performance and ensure that it runs smoothly.


Product Weight 180 g
Colour Name silver
What’s In The Box capacitor
Model Number 12.5uf 450v
Model Name 12.5uf 450v motor run capacito
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