35uF Plastic Shell CBB60 Capacitor White 4inch

AED 19.00



  • [Specification] – Rated Capacity: 35uF; Tolerance: ±5%; Rated Voltage: 450V AC; Body Size: 92x44mm / 3.6×1.7inch(L*D); Climatic Category: 25/085/21
  • [Characteristic] – This CBB60 run capacitor has characteristics of small volume, light weight, low loss, anti-overvoltage shock, excellent electrical performance and long service life
  • [Working Environment] – This CBB60 capacitor is applied to starting and working of a single-phase motor in a 50Hz/60Hz AC electric power system
  • [Application] – The CBB60 capacitor is widely used for air compressors, water pumps, pressure washers, air conditioners, washing machines, motors, generators, HVAC, fans, drills, splitters, saws, grinders, etc

    Colour Name White
    Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    Model Name 35uF White Plastic Shell CBB60 Capacitor
    Model Number 35uF CBB60
    Size 4 inch



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