A/C oriface 3/8 flair

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Product Specifications:

Product Name: WADEO LP Propane Air Mixer Valve

Material: 100% Solid Brass

Fittings Size:

All threads are 1/2” NPT male

1/2″ Female or Male (with included adapter) NPT on Burner Side

1/2″ Male NPT on Incoming Side

BTU Rating: 150,000 Max




The WADEO LP Propane Air Mixer Valve is specially designed for use with LP (Liquid Propane) fire pits. This valve enhances the efficiency of propane burning, resulting in a higher quality flame appearance and reduced soot buildup. Made from 100% solid brass, this valve is durable and resistant to breakage, ensuring a long service life and a secure, leak-proof connection.



Improves Flame Quality: Enhances propane burn efficiency for a better flame appearance and less soot.

Durable Construction: Made from 100% solid brass, ensuring durability and longevity.

Secure Connection: Prevents leaks with a secure, solid brass construction.

Convenient Fittings:

All fittings are 1/2” NPT male threads.

Includes an adapter for 1/2″ Female or Male NPT on the burner side.

1/2″ Male NPT on the incoming side.

High BTU Capacity: Rated for a maximum of 150,000 BTUs.

Easy Installation: Comes with thread seal tape for easy installation and leak prevention.



Considerate Accessories:

The package includes thread seal tape to assist in the installation process, ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection.


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