AC Coil Sensor Air conditioner sensors Temperature

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Resistance: 2700 – 100000 Ohms
Colour:  Black

Operating Temperature: -10 to 80

Material: Epoxy coated plastic

Product Length: 50cm

Product Width: 11.94 cm

Product Hieght: 0.51cm

Color: Black



Positioned in proximity to the evaporator coils within your air conditioner unit, the thermostat sensor plays a crucial role in regulating temperature. As air is drawn through the return vents, it traverses the sensor and coils. The sensor reads the temperature as the air passes by, comparing the reading to your thermostat settings.


Product Features:

– High Stability

– Extended Lifespan

– Compact Design

– Competitive Pricing

– Termination: Available

– Customization: Available


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