AC Drain Pipe

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Colour:  Grey

Material: Plastic

Type: L shaped

Brand: Sourcing map

Size: Small and large

Model Number: a13110200ux0451

Product dimensions

  •  Connecting Hole Inner Dia : 12.5mm/0.49″, 15.5mm/0.61″
  • Connecting Hole Outer Dia : 16.5mm/0.65″, 20mm/0.78″;Pipe Dia : 25mm/ 1″
  • Total Length : 60cm/23.6″
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  • Material: Crafted from strong PVC material designed for industrial use, equipped with heat insulation foam for lasting durability.
  • Heat Insulation for indoor use: Prevent unwanted dripping in your room by using this drain hose with built-in heat insulation. The hose is specially designed to handle the cooler condensate temperature, reducing the chances of second-condensation when passing through the drain hose.
  • Flexible and expandable: This drain hose is super flexible, making it easy to fit into any corner or against various wall structures in your home. Additionally, you can connect two drain hoses effortlessly to create a longer one, providing versatility for different setups.
  • Available in small and large sizes: Choose from small or large sizes based on your specific needs for a hassle-free solution to managing condensate in your indoor environment.

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