Adjustable AC R134A Quick Coupler AC Charging Fittings Connect Adapter, High & Low Pressure

AED 44.00


Durable and Long-lasting:

Crafted from high-quality aluminum and bronze, ensuring durability and longevity. The detachable copper adapter, along with the cap, facilitates easy maintenance.

High & Low Side Fittings:

The fittings are color-coded for convenience – blue represents the low side quick connector/adapter, while red denotes the high side quick connector/adapter. The inlet diameter is 5.08 mm, and the outlet diameter is 7.98 mm. The thread size is 7/16-20UNF.

Versatile Tank Adapters:

These adapters serve as a conversion tool, allowing a 1/2 inch female connection with a hose to be converted into a 1/4 inch male flare connection for couplers. They enable compatibility between R12 gauge sets and R134A lines.

Safety-focused Design:

The quick connect/disconnect feature is constructed with brass metal, ensuring a secure and effortless connection process. The brilliant sleeve provides safety protection by preventing injuries and refrigerant loss, effectively safeguarding against leakage.

Wide Range of Applications:

Specifically designed for AC R134A refrigerants, these adapters are intended for use with diagnostic manifold gauges. They are suitable for AC charging, diagnostic checks, recovery, and evacuation work.


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