Al Ramiz High Air Volume Commercial Indoor Householir Curtain Large air Volume Automatic Thermostat Function Equipped with Remote Control Suitable for supermarkets Offices etc

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One of the primary uses of air curtains is to minimize energy loss in buildings. By creating a barrier of high-velocity air at doorways and openings, air curtains prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, reducing heat transfer during colder months and preventing cool air from escaping during warmer months. This helps to maintain a stable indoor temperature and significantly reduces the energy needed for heating or cooling.

  • 0.6-meter
  • 0.90-meter
  • 1.2-meter


Commercial Buildings

Air curtains are commonly used in commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. They are installed above entrance doors to create an invisible barrier of air that separates the indoor and outdoor environments. This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, prevent the entry of outdoor pollutants, and enhance energy efficiency.

Industrial Facilities

In industrial settings, air curtains are used to control temperature and airflow in areas where large doors or openings are frequently accessed. They are employed in warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and loading docks to minimize heat loss, maintain specific temperature zones, and prevent the infiltration of dust, insects, and airborne contaminants.

Food Service and Catering

Air curtains are crucial in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. They help to maintain hygiene and prevent the entry of pests, insects, and airborne particles. Air curtains installed above kitchen doors or service windows create a barrier that keeps the cooking environment separate from dining or customer areas, ensuring a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Cold Storage and Freezers

Air curtains are extensively used in cold storage facilities and freezer rooms to prevent the loss of cold air when doors are opened. By creating an air barrier, air curtains minimize temperature fluctuations, reduce energy consumption, and maintain the integrity of stored products. They also help to minimize ice formation near doorways.

Cleanrooms and Laboratories

Air curtains play a vital role in cleanrooms and laboratories, where maintaining controlled environments is critical. They help to prevent cross-contamination, control airflow, and maintain sterility by creating a barrier that prevents the entry of airborne particles, contaminants, and external pollutants.

HVAC Systems

Air curtains can be integrated into HVAC systems to optimize energy efficiency. They can be installed near vents or air intakes to prevent the infiltration of outdoor air, dust, and contaminants, improving the overall performance and air quality of the HVAC system.

Sports Facilities

Air curtains find applications in sports facilities, stadiums, and arenas where large doors are frequently opened for the entry and exit of spectators, players, and equipment. They help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, prevent the ingress of dust and outdoor air pollutants, and minimize the loss of conditioned air.

Air curtains are available in different sizes to suit various door and entrance widths. The sizes you mentioned, 0.6 meters, 0.90 meters, and 1.2 meters, refer to the width of the air curtain.

Air curtain 0.6 meters

This size is suitable for narrower doorways or entrances. It is commonly used in smaller retail stores, offices, or areas where the door width is limited. The 0.6-meter air curtain provides a sufficient air barrier to prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor air and offers benefits such as energy conservation and insect control.

Air curtain 0.90 meters

A 0.90-meter air curtain is slightly wider than the 0.6-meter version and can accommodate slightly larger doorways. It is often used in medium-sized entrances, such as those found in restaurants, cafes, and small to medium-sized commercial establishments. This size provides a broader coverage area and enhances the effectiveness of air sealing and climate control.

Air curtain 1.2 meters

The 1.2-meter air curtain is larger and suitable for wider doorways and entrances. It is commonly used in larger commercial buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, or industrial facilities. The wider coverage of the air curtain helps to maintain temperature control, improve energy efficiency, and provide a more effective barrier against outdoor pollutants and insects.

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0.6-meter, 0.90-meter, 1.2-meter


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