Aluminium capacitors

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Capacitance: (4uf,5uf,6uf,7uf,10uf,12uf,15uf,25uf,30uf,35uf,40uf,45uf,50uf,55uf,60uf,65uf,70uf)
Size: 5*11*2mm

Terminals: 2 

Material: Aluminium 

Usage/ Application: Audio

Mounting: through hole

  • High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Long Life
  • 10uf
  • 12uf
  • 15uf
  • 20uf
  • 25uf
  • 30uf
  • 35uf
  • 40 uF
  • 45uf
  • 4uF
  • 50uf
  • 55uf
  • 5uF
  • 60 uF
  • 65uf
  • 6uF
  • 7.5uf
  • 70 uF




The Aluminium Capacitor/Syscap Capacitor is an essential component designed for specific electrical applications. This polarized capacitor boasts an aluminum construction. Its unique asymmetrical design mandates operation with a higher voltage, typically more positive, on the anode compared to the cathode at all times. The anode terminal is clearly identified with a positive sign, while the cathode is marked with a negative sign, highlighting the crucial polarity requirement.

It is imperative to adhere to the polarity guidelines, as applying a reverse polarity voltage or exceeding the maximum rated working voltage, even by a minimal margin, can result in catastrophic consequences. These include the destruction of the dielectric material and potential failure of the capacitor, leading to hazards such as explosion or fire.

For enhanced versatility, some capacitors are engineered to be bipolar. These bipolar electrolytic capacitors allow for operation with either polarity and incorporate specialized dual-anode constructions connected in series, expanding their usability across various applications.

The Syscap Run Capacitor is a reliable and indispensable component for electrical circuits, ensuring optimal performance and safety when utilized within its specified guidelines.

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10uf, 12uf, 15uf, 20uf, 25uf, 30uf, 35uf, 40 uF, 45uf, 4uF, 50uf, 55uf, 5uF, 60 uF, 65uf, 6uF, 7.5uf, 70 uF


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