Bailars 3 GS Refrigeration Oils

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Compressor Oil Mag is a premium compressor oil blended with the high-quality virgin base oil to provide outstanding oxidation stability for low carbon forming tendencies which minimizes sludge, and deposits formation and thermal stability for long-life lubricants in high temperature. It is good demulsibility properties to have the quicker release of moisture and prevent pump cavitation.
Performance Level DIN 51506: VDL, ISO/DP 6251: DAG

Feature and Benefits

Good oxidation and thermal stability. Long drain interval up to 2000 hours.

Good Demulsibility Characteristics.

Good control of foaming formation.


Application ITECH is compressor recommended for reciprocating and screw compressors in addition to slide vane applications. It is applicable to operate under service temprature of 150°C.


Bailars performance lubricants are specifically designed for use in refrigeration compressors and heat pumps. Highly stable, essentially wax-free, and provides excellent low-temperature properties and assures long trouble-free life.

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