AED 290.00




Colour:  blue

Type: Rod

Manufacturer: Harris

Material : Brazing alloy


High-Silver Brazing Rod – 45%

Widely employed in the brazing of joints for HVAC equipment, drill bits, machine components, and other applications exposed to significant vibration, these high-silver brazing alloys are renowned for their exceptional performance. Notably, they offer superior capillary action when compared to alloys with lower silver content, enabling them to seamlessly flow into tight spaces without relying on external forces like gravity. This characteristic makes them particularly effective for intricate and complex brazing applications.

These high-silver brazing alloys serve as reliable filler metals for a diverse range of materials, facilitating the joining of copper to steel, copper to stainless steel, brass to steel, brass to stainless steel, stainless steel to stainless steel, steel to stainless steel, and steel to steel. Beyond their vibrational resilience, these alloys contribute to robust and durable brazed joints, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the assembled components. Whether used in HVAC systems or precision machinery, their ability to navigate intricate spaces and form strong bonds makes them indispensable for various industrial and manufacturing settings.


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