Compressors TECUMSEH 5542 3 Phase

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Models: 5542

Colour:  Black





Refrigeration System Technical Specifications:

Evaporation Temperature Range (HBP – High Back Pressure):

The system operates within a versatile evaporation temperature range, maintaining optimal performance even in demanding conditions. With temperatures ranging from -23.3°C to +12.8°C, it utilizes R-22 refrigerant and employs a capillary/expansion refrigerant control mechanism. The compressor cooling rate is efficiently managed at 425 CFM, ensuring effective heat exchange during the evaporation process. The actual evaporating temperature is maintained at a steady 7.2°C.

Condensing Temperature:

The condensing process operates at a temperature of 55°C, effectively releasing heat from the refrigerant and facilitating the transition from gas to liquid.

Liquid Sub Cooling Temperature:

Ensuring system efficiency, the liquid sub-cooling temperature is maintained at 46°C. This optimizes the refrigerant state, enhancing its performance in the cooling cycle.

Compressor Details (50 Hz, 3ph, R-22):

The compressor, crucial to the system’s functionality, is designed for 50 Hz operation with a three phase. It is specifically configured for R-22 refrigerant, aligning with the system’s overall specifications.

Phase 3 Integration:

This refrigeration system is seamlessly integrated into Phase 3, showcasing its adaptability and reliability. Whether in commercial, industrial, or residential settings, the system’s robust design and technical prowess make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

These technical parameters, combined with Phase 3 integration, collectively contribute to the reliability and efficiency of the refrigeration system. The specified temperature ranges, refrigerant type, and compressor details highlight a well-designed and capable system suitable for a variety of scenarios.


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