Contractor 24V 3-Pole

Original price was: AED 40.00.Current price is: AED 35.00.


Poles : 3
Colour:  Black

Coil:  24VAC 50/60H

Model Number: YC-CN-PBC303-1

Color: Black

Product Weight: 440 Grams




Introducing a robust and purpose-driven solution, the Definite Purpose Contractor stands out as a reliable 3-Pole device with a 30-Amp capacity and a 24V coil. Designed for specific applications, this contractor ensures precise and efficient electrical control. With its three poles, it is well-suited for managing various circuits, offering a reliable and stable connection. The 30-Amp capacity underscores its capability to handle moderate to heavy electrical loads with ease. Additionally, the 24V coil enhances control and responsiveness, making it a versatile component for specialized electrical systems. Trust in the performance and dependability of this Definite Purpose Contractor for your specific application needs.



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