Cotton tape


  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Environment friendly
  • Premium quality

We also have a large number of varieties of Cotton tape.
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We are a noble and dominant sole manufacturer company that is enhancing and enlarging a high-quality cotton tape, supported by a functional infrastructural unit that assists us in the manufacturing premium grade range of products. Cotton tape is the best choice because it is heating resistant and its insulation property gives it a double boost. For this, they are used for binding coils for electrical instruments and machinery. Cotton tape is used in excess for electric insulation.


When it comes to metal binding many people believe that cotton tape is expensive. So, the misconception here is it might raise the cost of metal binding overall. However, this isn’t true. Despite it lowers the cost of metal binding and also provides many other benefits.


It is a flexible and soft tape with slightly lesser adhesive properties than synthetic ones. However, it is an organic option and helps in metal binding without giving any harm to human health.

Premium quality 

One of the benefits that you get by buying this cotton tape is that it is made of premium quality. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will last longer and stay stronger.

Electric insulation

Cotton is a non-conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, it is used in electrical insulation. This is not only a natural material to help insulate electric material but it is also safe to use.


Cotton tape is manufactured of elastic cotton material which offers lightweight support and good elasticity for an unrestricted full range of motion.

Why is cotton tape worth buying for electric insulation?

It is worth buying to have cotton tape for electric insulation because it is safe to use, it is affordable, heat resistant, and also a non-conductor of electricity and heat.


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