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  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Material: High-quality metal/plastic (specify if known)
  • Color: Typically available in standard HVAC colors (e.g., white, silver)
  • Airflow Capacity: Designed to handle standard HVAC airflow requirements
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling or wall-mounted
  • Finish: Powder-coated or anodized for additional durability and aesthetics
  • Adjustment Mechanism: Manual or automated (specify if known)
  • Noise Level: Low-noise design for quiet operation
  • Compatibility: Compatible with standard HVAC duct systems
  • 12x12 inch
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The DUCT ROUND DIFFUSER SUPPLY 12″ is a high-performance air distribution component designed for use in HVAC systems. It ensures even and efficient airflow distribution within residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The round design allows for a sleek and modern look while maintaining functionality and efficiency.


  1. Efficient Air Distribution:
    • Ensures even and optimal airflow throughout the space, enhancing comfort and air quality.
  2. Durable Construction:
    • Made from high-quality materials that resist corrosion and wear, ensuring long-term durability and performance.
  3. Easy Installation:
    • Designed for straightforward installation in various duct systems, reducing labor time and costs.
  4. Aesthetic Design:
    • The sleek, round design blends seamlessly with different interior styles and ceiling designs.
  5. Adjustable Airflow:
    • Features adjustable louvers or vanes to control the direction and volume of airflow according to the requirements.
  6. Low Noise Operation:
    • Engineered to minimize noise, ensuring quiet operation in residential and commercial spaces.
  7. Versatile Applications:
    • Suitable for use in a wide range of environments including homes, offices, retail spaces, and industrial settings.


  • Residential HVAC systems
  • Commercial buildings (offices, retail spaces, etc.)
  • Industrial environments
  • New construction and retrofit projects

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12×12 inch


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