Duct Supply Diffuser

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  • A duct supply diffuser is a type of air diffuser that is installed in the ductwork of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • It is designed to evenly distribute conditioned air throughout a room or space.
  • The diffuser typically consists of a grille or series of openings that allow air to flow out of the ductwork and into the room.
  • It may also have a damper or other adjustable feature to control the flow of air and the direction of the airflow.
  • Duct supply diffusers are used in HVAC systems to evenly distribute conditioned air throughout a building or space.
  • The diffuser allows the air to flow out of the duct and into the room, where it can mix with the existing air to create a comfortable temperature and humidity level.


Duct supply diffusers are used in a variety of buildings, including homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial buildings. They are particularly useful in large spaces with high ceilings, as they can help to distribute the air evenly and prevent drafts or hot spots. Additionally, diffusers can be adjustable to change the direction of the airflow and adjust the amount of air entering a space. This allows for better control over the room’s temperature and comfort level. Duct supply diffusers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different HVAC systems and building layouts. The size of the diffuser will depend on the size of the ductwork, the airflow requirements of the space, and the size of the room or area that the diffuser is serving. sizes of duct supply diffusers include: 4″ x 4″ – typically used for small residential spaces or for spot cooling in commercial settings 6″ x 6″ – commonly used for residential and light commercial applications 8″ x 8″ – often used in larger commercial spaces or industrial settings 10″ x 10″ – typically used in very large spaces such as gymnasiums or auditoriums 12″ x 12″ – commonly used in very large spaces such as warehouses or manufacturing plants

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Model Number Duct Supply Diffuser
Model Name Duct Supply Diffuser
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