Evaporator Fan Motor IS-3210-2

AED 25.00


The Evaporator Fan Motor IS-3210-2 is a high-quality shaded pole refrigerator fan motor designed for optimal performance in both refrigerators and air conditioners. Here are its key uses and specifications:


Refrigerator: The IS-3210-2 fan motor is specifically designed to enhance the cooling efficiency of refrigerators. It circulates air within the refrigerator, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and prevent food spoilage.
Air Conditioner: This fan motor is also suitable for air conditioning units, where it assists in efficient cooling by circulating air across the evaporator coil, facilitating the heat exchange process.



The fan motor is constructed with silicone carbon steel, ensuring durability and longevity.


It complies with CE and ROHS standards, guaranteeing its quality and safety.


The motor operates at 220V, suitable for most residential and commercial applications.


It supports both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency, making it compatible with power supplies in various regions.


The motor provides an output of 4W, delivering sufficient power for reliable operation.
The Evaporator Fan Motor IS-3210-2 is an essential component for maintaining optimal cooling performance in refrigerators and air conditioners. With its high-quality materials, compliance with industry standards, and reliable output, it ensures efficient and dependable operation in both residential and commercial settings.


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