Filter Drier flaring EK 032F

AED 39.00



  • Effectively removing acids, moisture and solid contaminants.
  • Highly corrosion resistant powder coating, can be used in all environment.
  • Filter Drier flaring EK-032 F 1/4 used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems


A filter drier, such as the EK-032 F 1/4, is used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to remove moisture and contaminants from the refrigerant. The flaring tool is used to create a flare at the end of a piece of tubing, which allows it to be securely connected to other components in the system. The F 1/4 designation likely refers to the size of the flare fitting, which is 1/4 inch.


Colour Name blue
Model Number Filter Drier flaring EK-032F 1/4
Model Name Filter Drier


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