Filter Drier flaring EK-165F 3/8 inch

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  • A filter drier flaring EK-165F 3/8 is a device used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to remove moisture and impurities from the refrigerant.
  • It typically consists of a filter and a desiccant (a substance that absorbs moisture) in a cylindrical housing that connects to the system via flare fittings.
  • The “EK-165F 3/8” designation may refer to the specific model and size of the filter drier.
  • The size of the flare fittings (3/8 inch) is an indication of the diameter of the tubing that the filter drier can be connected to.


Colour Name Corn Flower Blue
Model Number Filter Drier flaring
Model Name EK-165F 3/8


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