Pipe Expansion Tool, 5 in 1 Manual Pipe Flaring Tool Kit Copper Pipe Extender with Pipe Cutter and Deburring Tool

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Flaring tools come in various types, including manual flaring tools, hydraulic flaring tools, and flaring tools integrated into tube-cutting tools. The specific type of flaring tool used depends on the application and the size of the tubing or pipe being flared. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using a flaring tool to ensure proper flares and avoid any potential hazards.


  • A flaring tool is a specialized tool used in plumbing, automotive, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) applications to create a flare on the end of a metal tube or pipe. The flared end allows for a secure and leak-free connection with other components, such as fittings or valves.

    1. Plumbing: Flaring tools are commonly used in plumbing applications for creating flares on copper, brass, or aluminum tubing. These flares are essential for connecting pipes to fixtures, such as faucets or water heaters. Flared connections provide a tight seal, preventing leaks in plumbing systems.
    2. Automotive: In automotive repair and maintenance, flaring tools are used to create flares on brake lines. Brake flares ensure a reliable connection between the brake tubing and the brake components, such as calipers or wheel cylinders. Flares on brake lines are typically double flares or bubble flares, depending on the vehicle’s requirements.
    3. HVAC: Flaring tools find applications in HVAC systems for creating flares on refrigerant lines. Flared connections are crucial for joining copper or aluminum refrigerant lines to air conditioning or refrigeration components, such as condensers or evaporators. Properly flared connections help maintain the integrity of the refrigerant circuit and prevent refrigerant leaks.
    4. Gas and oil industry: Flaring tools are also used in the gas and oil industry for creating flares on pipes or tubes used in oil rigs, refineries, or gas distribution systems. Flares allow for secure connections between various components, such as valves, regulators, or gas burners.



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