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Specification Details
Material Aluminium
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Applications HVAC, ventilation, exhaust
Installation Easy to install, lightweight
  • 10 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
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Flexibal Aluminium Rigid Ducts are designed to provide efficient and durable solutions for HVAC systems, ventilation, and exhaust applications. Made from high-quality aluminium, these ducts are lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to corrosion. Available in various diameters, they ensure optimal airflow and performance in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


  1. Durability: Constructed from high-quality aluminium for long-lasting performance.
  2. Lightweight: Easy to handle and install due to its lightweight nature.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium material prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity.
  4. Efficient Airflow: Smooth interior surface promotes optimal airflow and reduces air resistance.
  5. Versatile Application: Suitable for various HVAC and ventilation applications.
  6. Easy Installation: Flexible design allows for straightforward installation and connection.
  7. Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures without degrading.

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10 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch


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