Foam Filter

AED 5.00

Colour:  Grey/ Black

Type: Refrigeration Filters

Application: Efficient mechanical and biological filtration for aquariums and ponds, ensuring a clean and safe environment for aquatic pets.



Just Right Size: These filter pads come in a perfect size of 12 inches . They’re made to be super convenient, and you can easily cut them to fit your specific filters.


Super Effective Cleaning: These sponge filter pads do a great job at cleaning. They trap big chunks of waste, making sure your filters don’t get clogged up easily. Your aquatic pets will enjoy a cleaner and healthier home.


Fits Any Filter: You can use these pads in any aquarium or pond filter. Just cut them to the size you need, and they’ll work perfectly. Whether you have a freshwater or marine aquarium, these pads adapt to different filter systems.


Safe for Pets: We care about your aquatic buddies. That’s why our Bio Sponge Filter Media Pads are made without any dyes. You can be sure your pets are swimming in a safe and healthy environment.


Tough and Reusable: Keep these filter pads clean, and they’ll last a long time. After a good cleaning, you can use them again and again. They’re a smart investment for a filter that lasts and saves you money in the long run.


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