Genteq Motors

  • Variable speed operation
  • Low-voltage AC or DC thermostat inputs
  • Ball bearings
  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • Brings the benefits of ECM to high voltage applications
  • Using the latest version of ECM Toolbox

We also have a large number of varieties in Genteq Motors.
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Genteq is a highly acceptable brand and it has earned a reputation as an industry leader in ECM motors for more than 30 years. These motors and blowers are used in the air moving, residential, and commercial HVAC industries, providing unmatched performance. The 142R motor by Genteq is a high-efficiency motor used all across the world.

High efficiency

This amazing gadget is highly efficient thus reducing effort and time wastage. Genteq is the finest manufacturer providing you with quality at an affordable price. Also, it is made of durable material so you need not be worried about repairing and replacing issues. This assures you of up to 80% efficiency

Save electricity consumption

In addition to this, it also saves a lot of electricity consumption. So, it is not a big burden that plugs it in and turns it in this genteq motor is an incredible gift that saves you from a lot of mess and lets you have the ease and relief of buying the best world-class gadget.

Brings ECM to high voltage application

It refers to the voltage supplied from within an ECM vis inner resistor of about 22k ohms which is then used to detect open or shorted signal circuits. Also, high-voltage circuits are used on sensors that switch the input of electronic controls.


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