Mckinley Refrigerants

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We also have a large number of varieties in McKinley Refrigerants.
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  • R134a
  • R22
  • R404a
  • R407C
  • R410a



  • Available refrigerants: R410a, R134a, R404a, R407C
  • Suitable for various applications: room air-conditioners, automobile air-conditioners, refrigerators, chillers



Discover the Mckinley Refrigerants lineup, featuring a comprehensive selection including R410a, R134a, R404a, and R407C. Designed to meet the demands of modern cooling systems, these refrigerants offer superior performance and efficiency across a wide range of applications.

R410a stands out for its environmentally friendly composition, making it an ideal choice for room air-conditioners and similar appliances. R134a, known for its versatility and reliability, is commonly used in automobile air-conditioning systems. Meanwhile, R404a and R407C excel in refrigeration and chiller applications, providing optimal cooling performance while ensuring system longevity.

With Mckinley Refrigerants, you can trust in quality and performance, whether you’re cooling a room, a vehicle, or a large industrial space. Stay ahead with innovative refrigeration solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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R134a, R22, R404a, R407C, R410a


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