plastic round capacitor | Plastic Shell Capacitor

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offer several advantages and come in different capacitance values (measured in microfarads, or μF).

  • 10 uF
  • 12 uF
  • 14 uF
  • 15 uF
  • 160 uF
  • 180 uF
  • 20 uF
  • 25 uF
  • 30 uF
  • 35 uF
  • 40 uF
  • 45 uF
  • 50 uF
  • 55 uF
  • 6 uF
  • 60 uF
  • 70 uF
  • 8 uF



  • Plastic round capacitors, also known as plastic shell capacitors, are a type of capacitor widely used in electronic circuits for various applications. They offer several advantages and come in different capacitance values (measured in microfarads, or μF). Here are some common capacitance values and their typical uses:
    1. 0.1 μF to 1 μF: Capacitors in this range are commonly used for decoupling and bypassing applications. They help filter out high-frequency noise and stabilize voltage levels in electronic circuits, especially in power supply sections.
    2. 1 μF to 10 μF: These capacitance values are often used in coupling and audio frequency applications. They can be found in audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, and other audio-related circuits where signal coupling or blocking is required.
    3. 10 μF to 100 μF: Capacitors in this range are suitable for filtering low-frequency signals, such as in power supply filters or audio crossover networks. They help smooth out voltage ripples and provide stable DC voltage outputs.
    4. 100 μF to 1000 μF: These higher capacitance values are commonly used for bulk energy storage, especially in power supply circuits and other applications requiring larger capacitance. They help store and release electrical energy as needed.
    5. Above 1000 μF: Capacitors with capacitance values above 1000 μF are typically used for applications that require large energy storage or smoothing capacitors in high-power systems, such as power amplifiers or industrial equipment.

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10 uF, 12 uF, 14 uF, 15 uF, 160 uF, 180 uF, 20 uF, 25 uF, 30 uF, 35 uF, 40 uF, 45 uF, 50 uF, 55 uF, 6 uF, 60 uF, 70 uF, 8 uF


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