Plastic square capacitors

AED 9.00

  • 1.5uF
  • 1uF
  • 2.5uF
  • 2uF
  • 3.5uF
  • 3uF
  • 4.5uF
  • 4uF
  • 5uF
  • 6uF
  • 7uF



Rated Capacity: 1uF, 1.5uF, 2uF, 2.5uF, 3uF, 3.5uF, 4uF, 4.5uF, 5uF, 6uF, 7uF

Dimensions: Variable for each variant

Product Model: CBB61

Tolerance: ±5%

Terminals: 2 

Material: Plastic

Usage/ Application: Motor run


  • Small volume, long life
  • High resistance to insulation
  • Excellent stability


  • Construction: Constructed with metalized polypropylene film and a plastic shell, the capacitor ensures safety, corrosion resistance, and stable performance.
  • Advantages: The running capacitor offers low loss, outstanding electrical performance, and an extended service life.
  • Applications: Widely employed in various appliances such as electric fans, range hood fans, ventilator fans, water pumps, motors, generators, and more.
  • Important Note: In cases where the ceiling fan experiences a slowdown, malfunctions, or improper functioning, it is advisable to inspect the ceiling fan capacitor first. If the capacitor is burnt out or weakened, prompt replacement with a new one is recommended.

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1.5uF, 1uF, 2.5uF, 2uF, 3.5uF, 3uF, 4.5uF, 4uF, 5uF, 6uF, 7uF


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