Pre insulated sheet easy

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Damage proof
  • Phenolic pre-insulated panel

We also have a large number of varieties in Pre-insulated sheets easy.
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Easy is one of the leading manufacturers of pre-Insulated sheets in UAE and has accomplished many big projects successfully, having a good stock of different brands of pre-Insulated sheets (PIR Phenolic) and further accessories in its warehouses. It is the best brand to choose from. It has sandwich panels designed in hard polyurethane foam of an insulating part and laminated on either side with centesimal aluminum foil.

Pre-insulated panels

It has a phenolic pre-insulated panel of 65 to 70 kg/m3 density and free rigid phenolic insulation with zero ozone depletion which means it is environment friendly and is auto-adhesively connected to 80-micron low vapor on each side facing permeability of aluminum foil.


It is a reliable insulation material that is known for its immense benefits and efficiency. Therefore, it is highly recommended to you buy Easy pre-insulated sheets. These Insulated panels are used in many enterprises, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction. This text focuses on the use of insulated panels as ready-made elements for the construction industry.


It is durable with physical strength and a long-lasting life span and it is damage-proof. Thus, it saves you from any kind of issues of repairing or replacing.


Easy is one of the most affordable brands that provide quality at a very reasonable amount. So, you don’t have to look for any pocket burden or so while buying these worthy insulation pipes. It provides you the premium quality that you might have encountered on some expensive brand providing you 3x time expensive product while Easy prefer selling it at the price that is favorable for you


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