Refrigerant Gas 11.3 Kg

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  • R410A is a retrofit refrigerant suitable for low and medium temperature systems using R12 gas, such as mini fridges, water coolers, supermarket coolers for display and storage of products food, vending machines, and household refrigerators.
  • . The use of the R410A should be limited to applications where the evaporator temperature is higher than -23 degrees Celsius R410A has approximately 60% higher pressure than R22 gas refrigeration systems,
  • and therefore should only be used in new equipment specifically designed to handle pressures. Systems designed for R410A will have smaller components (heat exchangers, compressors, etc.) to perform the same cooling tasks compared to R22.
  • Gas Refron R410A is a new generation refrigerant replacing R22 gas in air conditioning systems, cold storage with more outstanding advantages: 1.6 times higher condensing pressure as well as coldness (refrigeration capacity) and does not harm the ozone layer . Gas R410A is being encouraged to use to protect the environment for sustainable development.

OverviewUsed in refrigeration industry, residential and commercial air conditioning systems.


Colour Name Pink
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Model Name Refron refrigerant gas r410a
Model Number R22


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