Refrigerator Fan Motor National NA 14AB

AED 29.00


The Refrigerator Fan Motor National NA-14AB is primarily used as an evaporator fan motor in refrigerators and freezers. Here are some key applications and uses of this motor:

Evaporator Fan:

The NA-14AB motor drives the evaporator fan, which is responsible for circulating air over the evaporator coils inside the refrigerator or freezer. This circulation helps to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the appliance, ensuring efficient cooling.

Cooling System

The evaporator fan motor plays a crucial role in the cooling system of the refrigerator. It helps remove heat from the interior and transfers it to the condenser coils, allowing the refrigerator to maintain the desired temperature.

Air Circulation

The fan motor ensures proper air circulation within the refrigerator compartment. It helps distribute cool air evenly, preventing hot spots and ensuring that stored food items are uniformly cooled.

Temperature Control

The fan motor assists in regulating the temperature by ensuring that cold air is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator or freezer compartment. This helps maintain optimal storage conditions for perishable items.

Cooling Efficiency

A properly functioning fan motor is essential for the overall efficiency of the refrigerator. It ensures that the evaporator coils are properly cooled, preventing frost buildup and maintaining energy-efficient operation.


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