Smart Universal Air Conditioner Control System

AED 39.00



The Universal Air Conditioner Control System QD-U02B is a versatile device designed to control both air conditioner and heat pump systems.

It comes directly from the manufacturer in China and is available for sale worldwide, with shipping options by air or sea.



Working Modes: Offers 5 different modes to suit various cooling and heating needs.

Fan Speed: Provides 3 adjustable fan speeds for personalized comfort.

Temperature Control: Ensures accurate and stable temperature control for optimal climate control.

Auto Fan: Maintains a consistent and stable fan operation based on the set temperature.

Timer Function: Allows for setting on/off timers for convenient operation.

Sleep Mode: Features a sleep function for energy efficiency and comfortable sleeping conditions.

Defrost: Includes a periodical defrost function for efficient operation in colder climates.

Compressor Protection: Incorporates a timer to safeguard the compressor by regulating its run and stop cycles.

Cold Wind Prevention: Prevents the emission of cold air during heating mode for enhanced comfort.



Multi-Functionality: Combines various functions into one device for ease of use and versatility.

Smart and Advanced: Incorporates intelligent features for efficient and automated operation.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with air conditioner and heat pump systems from different brands, offering flexibility and convenience.



Ideal for use in air conditioner and heat pump systems to automate and control their operation effectively.


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