Split motor indoor 25Watt

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– Voltage: 220-240V

– Frequency: 50/60Hz

– Power: 25 Watts

– Number of Poles: 4

– Noise Level: <36 dB

– Insulation Class: B


Product Description:

Upgrade your air conditioner’s performance with our 220V 25W AC electric motor. Designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and reliability, this single-phase asynchronous motor is the perfect fit for various sizes of indoor air conditioners. With customizable voltage options ranging from 220V to 240V and adaptable frequency settings of 50/60Hz, this motor is versatile and compatible with a wide range of systems.

Key Features:**

  1. *Optimized Performance:* Engineered to provide the lowest noise level and the longest operational life, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.
  2. *Versatile Compatibility:* Suitable for various sizes of indoor air conditioners, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  3. **Customizable Voltage:** Can be customized to match voltage requirements ranging from 220V to 240V, accommodating different electrical systems.
  4. *Adaptable Frequency:* Operates efficiently at both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, making it suitable for diverse global applications.
  5. *Efficient Design:* With four poles and a power rating of 25 Watts, this motor delivers reliable performance while consuming minimal energy.
  6. *Safety Assurance:* Insulation Class B ensures safety and reliability, providing peace of mind for prolonged usage.
  7. *Quiet Operation:* Noise level below 36 dB ensures a serene environment, perfect for maintaining comfort in living spaces.


Upgrade your air conditioner with our 220V 25W AC electric motor, combining efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation for enhanced indoor comfort


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