Mueller Streamline Temperature Control Copper Tubes

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  • Variable Diameters
  • Durable
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Economical
  • Lightweight

Mueller Streamline Temperature Control Copper Tube/Coils Supplier & Dealers in Dubai


Mueller Streamline Temperature Control Copper Tubes in Dubai

Would not it be perfect, if there is something that is both durable and feather-like in weight? Well, it would not be wrong to say that Mueller Streamline Temperature Control Copper Tubes are can easily fulfill our urges.

Mueller Streamline Copper Tube has the sturdiness, accuracy, and purity required for the harsh environments of HVAC and refrigeration operations.

These materials have set the standard for HVACR copper tubes throughout the field. The Streamline Nitrogenized ACR Copper Tube is nitrogen-pressured for enhanced protection against the formation of dangerous pollutants during welding.

Moreover, the pollution of the system is considerably reduced when these oxides are reduced. The Streamline Refrigeration Service Tube has a consistent dead soft temper, is brilliant, has been properly dried, and is packed in the shrink wrapping and individual cartons for maximum protection.

Also, the temperature Control Tube should not be used for twisting or shaping. Controlling the temperature Pipe orders are in increments of 2000 feet for each package.

Type L Copper Tube is used to make standard ACR Copper Tube.

Copper tubes will not burn or decompose into harmful fumes. As a result, fire will not spread through the floors, walls, or ceilings.

Copper, for example, stands out as an engineering material that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its substance or qualities.

This, paired with copper’s demonstrated endurance, ensures that no copper utilized in today’s buildings will end up in a landfill.


  • Versatility
  • a wide range of applications
  • Various sizes are available
  • Effortless performance
  • Corrosion resistance that lasts for a long time and requires no maintenance
  • Thermal conductivity is high
  • It’s simple to join and install
  • A plentiful resource


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