Thermostat Honeywell T6812DP08

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  • Design with an extremely modern touch that is appropriate for commercial, resort, and domestic applications
  • Independent setup on an 86-square-inch unit
  • a large LCD screen that displays both English and icons
  • Easy to configure and operate
  • Choose between a room temperature display or a setpoint display
  • Choosing airflow manually
  • Temperature unit (either a thermometer or a thermometer)
  • When the power is turned off, the user settings can still be kept
  • In Installer Set-up, you can lock or unlock keys
  • Limiting the heat and cold setpoints to save energy


Honeywell T6812DP08 Thermostat

Feeling chilly on a winter night and finding it difficult to light the fireplace? What better alternative is there than a thermostat that can satisfy your desire for a warmer environment?

The Honeywell T6812DP08 is all that you need to satisfy your need.

In a 2-pipe fan coil system, the digital thermostats are designed for use with 3-speed fans and Valves.

The specified temperature can be adjusted to either room or setpoint temperature. During the Installation Setup procedure, you can modify this parameter.

For instance, thermostats are quite versatile, as they could be used anywhere. Whether it is your living room or your workplace, it will fit just right in.

It has a modern mechanical design with an LCD screen that provides you with the necessary information in English. Besides, it also depicts icons for several features of the thermostat.

Furthermore, some thermostats have just one setpoint, Whereas the T6812DP08 has two: one for heating and the other one for cooling.

  • The HVAC system will heat the house to the setpoint temperature and continue to achieve that temperature for a heating setpoint.
  • The HVAC system will cool the room to the setpoint temperature and attempt to maintain that temperature for a cooling set point.
  • The HVAC system will not heat or cool the space if the temperature is between the two specified points, or within the comfort Band.

You can usually control how long fans run with most thermostats. The fans stay on in auto mode throughout the heating or cooling cycle. The unit and fans will turn off once the target temperature has been reached.

On the auto setting, fans use less energy because they only run when the furnace or air conditioner is turned on. Furthermore, fans last longer since they have fewer starts and stops.

Whereas when it comes to the manual setting of the fan, it continues blowing air until it is turned off. The thermostat usually shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Moreover, there is a keypad lockout feature that if selected will disable all the buttons from use.


  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient
  • It saves money by reducing your home energy usage
  • Durable
  • A keypad lockout protects from tampering
  • Can be easily mounted
  • The display uses the English language and icons to help you understand better


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