Thermostat Honeywell T6861

AED 180.00


  • Cycle Per Hour
  • Freezing Protection Mode
  • Remote temperature sensor
  • Keypad Lock
  • LCD Display
  • Energy Saving Mode


Honeywell T6861 V2WN Thermostat

Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase yourself a gadget with a sleek, modern design that’s suited for use in a workplace, hotel, or residential property? With that being said, I am certain that the Honeywell T6800V2WN thermostat is the one that comes to your mind.

Moreover, these thermostats are intended for use in a two-pipe fan coil system with a three-speed fan and valves. The fan can be chosen as manual or automatic 3-speed functioning.

The fan is adjusted to the desired rate in manual mode. In automated mode, the fan is controlled by the temperature variation between the room and the setpoint.

Besides, when the chamber temperature reaches the setpoint, the valve will be sealed and meanwhile, the fan will be disabled either.

The thermostat measures the interior temperature using an inbuilt sensor or an external temperature sensor, then maintains the setpoint by sending out on/off pressure regulating signals.

Furthermore, the temperature shown can be changed to either actual room temperature or a setpoint. During the Installer Set-Up procedure, you can change this configuration.

Even if the temperature is nearly equal to the desired setpoint, the CPH feature may allow the thermostat to open the valve numerous times per hour in order to achieve more correct temperature control.

The initial values for heating and cooling are 4 and 3, respectively, and can be modified during the Installer Set-Up procedure.

Additionally, T6800 offers temperature control based on either the obtained ambient temperature or the return air temperature. The remote temperature sensor version is NTC20K.

The basic status of the keypad lock in ISU is all keys accessible. By altering the ISU, you can switch between the mode button locked out, the Fan and mode button locked out, and all buttons locked out.

Furthermore, freezing protection can be turned off or turned on. When the thermostat is in OFF mode and the attained temperature is below 6o C in freezing protection mode, the thermostat will switch to heat mode until the temperature increases to 8o C or the thermostat is switched on.

To activate ventilation mode, press the mode button. There is no output for the valve in ventilation mode, but the fan will run at the set airflow.

The energy-saving feature can be initiated with a potential-free dry contact or a button press. In ISU, the dry contact can be set to either normally open or normal close.

Besides, all buttons will be disabled if activated by dry touch, except for the ISU multi-key. If you start energy-saving mode by pressing a button, any further button presses will end it.

If the energy-saving mechanism is engaged in heating mode, the setpoint will be changed to a remote setback heating setpoint.

The remote setback heating setpoint ranges from 10 to 21 degrees Celsius, with 18 degrees Celsius being the default value.

Also, if the energy-saving function is active in cooling mode, the setpoint will be adjusted to the remote setback cooling setpoint. The remote setback cooling setpoint ranges from 22 to 32 degrees Celsius, with a reference value of 26 degrees Celsius.


  • Reducing your home’s energy consumption
  • Being able to make automatic adjustments is a huge plus.
  • Increasing family and visitor comfort levels


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