AED 89.00


Application: Room Temperature Control

Voltage: 24VAC

Rated Voltage: 220VAC

Speed: 3 Speed

Usage: Cooling System

Material: ABS+PC

Color: White


Introducing the Telin Fan Coil Thermostat, Model Number AC0022. Designed for precise room temperature control in various settings such as villas, hotels, offices, hospitals, and more, this thermostat boasts a sleek design suitable for traditional, modern, and industrial spaces.

Key Features:

Adjustable Setpoint: Easily customize your desired temperature.

Celsius LCD Display: Clear and easy-to-read display showing current room temperature and setpoint.

3-Speed Fan Switch: Choose from high, medium, or low fan speeds for personalized comfort.

CE Mark: Certified for quality and safety assurance.


The Telin Fan Coil Thermostat, lHllG-101, is a digital line voltage microcomputer-based thermostat suitable for both heating and cooling systems in residential spaces. It requires no batteries and offers reliable performance with its advanced features.

This thermostat provides electronic control for 240 VAC inductive applications and features a liquid crystal display (LCD) for easy monitoring of room temperature and setpoint. With RAM memory to save temperature setpoints and menu parameters, it ensures precise control and responsiveness to changing conditions.

For convenience, heat/cool changeover operation can be manually adjusted, and fan control options include high, medium, and low settings, with the ability to switch between “On” and “Auto” modes. The system can also be easily turned off when not in use.

Experience comfort and efficiency with the Telin Fan Coil Thermostat, offering intuitive control and reliable performance for your cooling needs.


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