transparent tape

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  • Sealing envelopes: Transparent Tape is often used to seal the flap of an envelope, providing a secure and tamper-proof seal.
  • Wrapping gifts: Transparent Tape is often used to wrap gifts, as it is clear and does not detract from the appearance of the wrapping paper.
  • Mending tears in paper: Transparent Tape can be used to repair tears in paper, such as torn pages in a book, without leaving any residue.
  • Mounting pictures: Transparent Tape can be used to mount pictures or posters to a wall without damaging the surface.
  • Labeling: Transparent Tape can be written on, making it an excellent choice for labeling files, folders, and other items.
  • Temporary fixes: Transparent Tape is often used for temporary fixes, such as holding a broken item together until a permanent repair can be made.


Material 100% Plastic
Item Pack Quantity Pack of 1
Model Number transparent tape
Model Name transparent tape
Item Qty 1


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