Universal Motors


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable speed
  • Several powers range

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Kenworth being a famous and worthy brand presents you with high-quality universal motors. Being a credible manufacturer, it is striving its best to maintain its standards. Not only that the universal motors give you the benefit of both Ac and Dc motors. A universal motor can be used in portable gadgets such as hair dryers, grinders, or portable fans.

Unlike ac or dc motors, the universal motor can operate from both DC and AC voltage sources. while an AC or DC motor can only work accurately when the input source is a DC or AC source.


It is a less costly device when compared with other AC or DC motors.  Its cost-effectiveness is undeniable due to its classy construction and zero need of permanent magnets stator winding around the rotating rotor.


It is a versatile gadget that can be used for several purposes for instance it can be used for both a DC and an AC connection

Less costly 

When a universal motor was compared with an AC or DC motor. The price value was seen to be the most reasonable of all despite the new advanced and advantageous functions that it can perform.

Adjustable Speed 

One of the incredible benefits present in universal motors is adjustable speeds, which allow precise adjustments making it useful for many advanced tools demanding speed adjustment. The speed of the universal motor can be adjusted by using a simple technique.

Several powers range

Kenworth universal motor is an amazing motor that is available in small devices such as fans, electric shavers, and motion projections.


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