Air Conditioner Capacitor 30+5 MFD uF

AED 25.00



  • Production Name: Air Conditioner Capacitor, Module Type: CBB65 High Capacity Metallized Polypropylene Capacitor, Withstand Voltage: 450V AC, Capacity Volume:30 + 5 MFD uF, Dural, Tolerance:+/- 5%
  • Standard and professional capacitor for air conditioner and heat pump,One capacitor combined 2 capacitors, 30 uF for condensor, 5 uF for heat dissipation fan, Saving your space and repair time
  • Built to the TOUGHEST USA standards for AC motor run capacitors including EIA-456-A and IEC 60252-1:2001, more safety and durable
  • Fits for TRCFD305 , TT-CAP-30/5/440 , 97F9833 , 27L877 , C3305R , CPT00659 , CPT-0659 , C4305R , 97F9981 , HC98JA031D , PRCD305 , USA2226 , P291-3054R , HCKS300D050R440Z, especially and widely used for Window air conditioner at home
  • 450V series air conditioner capacitor can replace 250, 330, 370 V, 440V series, more convenient for fast repairing,1 year warranty


Voltage 440V
Colour Name Silver
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Model Name Capacitor
Model Number MFD UF CBB65


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