AKO Universal Digital Thermostat

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  • AKO Df143230009
  • AKO-D14123


Included: Digital thermostat, 1 contact (compressor), 1 temperature-sensor, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, mounting bracket, automatic defrost timer, adjustable -50F +250F.

Applications: Industrial and commercial refrigeration systems – walk-in coolers, reach-in coolers, chillers, food display cases, automatic beverage dispensers, market and food showcases, commercial beverage coolers, supermarket refrigerated display cases, bakery display cases, thermolabile, incubators and various other temperature commercial equipment requiring off cycle defrost.

The dimensions of the panel cut-out make them exchangeable with traditional mechanical thermometers, by also integrating the thermostat and defrost clock function in a single unit.

The AKO Universal Digital Thermostat is a versatile thermostat designed for temperature control in various applications. It is available in two versions: the Single-sensor and the Double-sensor.

 AKO Universal Digital Thermostat Single-sensor AKO-D14123

The Single-sensor version of the AKO-D14123 Temperature Controller is equipped with a single temperature sensor. It is typically used for controlling the temperature of a single space or environment. The thermostat monitors the temperature using the built-in sensor and activates the connected heating or cooling equipment accordingly to maintain the desired temperature set by the user. It provides accurate temperature control and is suitable for applications where a single temperature measurement is sufficient.

 AKO Universal Digital Thermostat Double-sensor AKO Df143230009

The Double-sensor version of the AKO Df143230009 Temperature Controller Thermostat comes with two temperature sensors. This thermostat is commonly used in applications where dual-zone temperature control is required. It allows independent monitoring and control of two separate areas or environments. Each sensor can be placed in a different location, enabling precise temperature management for each zone. For example, it can be used to control the temperature in a refrigerator with separate compartments or in a dual-zone HVAC system.

Both versions of the AKO Universal Digital Thermostat feature a digital display for easy temperature reading and programming. They provide configurable temperature ranges, setpoint adjustment, and often come with additional features such as defrost control, alarms, and communication interfaces for integration with external systems.

Programmable for cold and heat.
Defrost by compressor stop.
Possible password for entering programming,
Indication in ºC or ºF program selectable and probe calibration.
Temperature range -50 ºC to +99.9 ºC
2 Display digits (ºC/ºF) • Resolution 1 ºC
Precision ±1 ºC
NTC Probe included
Panel cut-out dimensions 25,4×58 mm
Front dimensions 32 x 66 mm
Depth 51 mm
SPST relay 16 A

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AKO Df143230009, AKO-D14123


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