Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor

We also have a large number of varieties in bitzer refrigeration compressor.
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1.High temp.preservation storage: temperature range +5~-5 ℃ .

Is applied to preservation of fruit & vegetable,eggs,medicinal materials,wood preservation,drying etc.To make the food at a lower temperature,usually keep inside room around 0℃.So that it can keep the food fresh as long as possible.

2. Medium temp. Refrigerated warehouse: temperature range -10~-18℃.

Mainly used to storage meat,seafoods etc.

3. Low temp.Cold-chamber : temperature range -23~-28℃.

Also been called frozen room,frozen cold storage. Usually Keep temperature inside room around -20~-25°C.

4. Ultra low temp.quick-frozen storage: temperature below -30℃.

Mainly applied to rapidly frozen food and Medical treatment etc. special applications.


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