Aluminium capacitors Terminals 3

Shell material: Metal
Dielectric Material: Metallized polypropylene film
Capacity: 50+5uf
Tolerance: ±5%
Rated voltage: 370V/440V AC
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Safety rated: 10,000 AFC
Capacitor dimension: Diameter <1.97 inch>, Height <5.31 inch>

Can substitute oval-shaped capacitors with Capacitance: 25+5uf, 30+5uf, 35+5uf, 40+5uf, 45+5uf, 50+5uf, 55+5uf, 60+5uf, 65+5uf, 70+5uf


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– The Aluminium Capacitor is a crucial component for specific electrical applications.
– It is a polarized capacitor with an aluminum construction, designed for operation with a higher voltage on the anode compared to the cathode.
– Adherence to polarity guidelines is essential to prevent catastrophic consequences such as explosion or fire.
– Some capacitors are bipolar, allowing operation with either polarity for enhanced versatility.
– The Aluminium Capacitor ensures optimal performance and safety within specified guidelines.
– It is lightweight, heat-resistant, and suitable for various electrical circuits, including AC motors in industrial applications.

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to +70℃ / -104℉ to +158℉
Used for start-up and operation of AC motors with a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz such as Industrial Grade Replacement for Central Air-Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Condenser Fan Motors, and Compressors.

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25+5uf, 30+5uf, 35+5uf, 40+5uf, 45+5uf, 50+5uf, 55+5uf, 60+5uf, 65+5uf, 70+5uf


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