Brazing Powder Copper Harris

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Flux Form: Powder

Brand : Harris


  • Versatile Powder Flux: HARRIS® brazing flux is a versatile powder flux designed for compatibility with bronze alloys, standing out as a highly active flux suitable for various applications involving steels, cast irons, and copper base alloys.

  • Suitable for Various Applications: This all-purpose flux is suitable for oxy-fuel braze welding, particularly when using low fuming bronze and nickel silver rods on materials like steel, copper, and cast iron.

  • Flexible Application Methods: It can be applied in two ways – dry by dipping the heated alloys into the powder, or as a paste by mixing with water (approximately 20%).

  • Wide Operating Range: The flux exhibits an activity range from 1400°F to 2200°F (760°C to 1204°C), ensuring optimal performance in a variety of brazing scenarios.

  • Easy Residue Removal: Residues can be easily removed through a hot water rinse, resulting in a bright, clean, strong, and porosity-free finish to achieve a pristine brazed joint.

  • Conformance to Standards: HARRIS® 600 brazing flux conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive and meets the ANSI/AWS Class A5.31 Type FB3-J specification, assuring compliance and quality in braze welding applications.

  • Wide Compatibility: The flux is designed for compatibility with bronze alloys and is designed to serve as an effective solution across various brazing applications.



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