Etihad Korea copper coil


  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Functional

We also have a large number of varieties in Etihad Korea.
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Etihad manufacturers are famous for producing quality copper coils and it has been a long since they are working in this field and are achieving greatness by working at their best. Etihad manufacturers are not only famous around the UAE but the whole world HVAC products. They mainly produce two kinds of copper coils that are

(1)    Soft annealed copper coils

(2)    Hard/rigid copper coils

Copper pipe products that consist of copper pancakes and rigid lengths for the air conditioning industry, match or even elevate the quality and specification of the best brands worldwide. Etihad Copper is a leading manufacturer of copper pipes and coils with a successful history.


It is one of the finest coils that are cost-effective and worth buying. Therefore, there is always a plus to buying these amazing worthy coils from this brand


These coils are present in several sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. This can help you to buy the coil of your kind. So, don’t wait and buy now.


One of the best features of the coils must have been durability or physical strength. These coils are amazingly durable which means they are physically strong and are resistant to several factors like temperature, humidity, and condensation.


These reliable coils neither corrode nor catch rust which means they stay functional for a long. So, you don’t have to be worried about changing, repairing, or replacing their parts or parcels.


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