MAXRON Copper Coil Korea

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • No leakage
  • No corrosion
  • Long-lasting
  • Immune of rusting

We also have a large number of varieties in maxron Korea.
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Maxron is a manufacturer, dealer, wholesaler, and supplier of MAXRON Copper Coils for all HVAC needs in the UAE with the advancement in modern technology the need for copper pipes is increasing day by day. The rapid HVAC and automobile market development have claimed a regular need for copper coils and pipes. However, Maxrox has maintained its standing as one of the reliable producers and exporters of copper pipes and tubes.

What are copper pipes or copper tubes?

Copper Tubes or Copper Pipes are a part required in refrigeration devices and air condition systems. In fact, Maxrox Copper Pipes are used as a way to flow between such systems.

How many types of copper pipes are there at Maxrox?

Generally, there are two kinds of copper tubes named soft copper tubes and hard copper tubes. . Maskal is providing you with the best soft copper tubes that are flexible to bend and move around along with hard tubes that resist corrosion and rust.

What kind of pipes are good for refrigerants?

The best of which refrigerant is soft copper tubes

What kinds of pipers are good for water lines?

The Rigid or hard copper tubes are best for water lines.


Maxron copper pipes are cost-efficient. It is quite popular all over the world and especially in UAE because of the high-quality and cheap prices. There are many brands selling expensive copper pipes and claiming durability. On the other hand, Maxrox offers you even enhanced quality, and that too at affordable prices. So, why buy anywhere else when you have Maxrox by your side?


Maxron copper pipes are versatile as they can be used for all refrigeration and water line connections. Assuring that your connection is safe, reliable, and long-lasting. The best opportunity that you can have at Maxrox is that the copper pipes serve different purposes as they come in several shapes and sizes to meet needs of all kinds,

No leakage 

Maxron copper pipes are manufactured with durable material which is why it assures no leakage, no splits, or spills. It fulfills your requirements perfectly and avoids any kind of leakage enhancing the long life and durability of your refrigeration system and water line.

Immune to rusting and corrosion

Maxron copper tubes are immune to rusting or corrosion due to the extraordinary history of copper tubing as a highly corrosion-resistant material in the majority of most underground atmospheres. However, there are exceptions that can cause copper to corrode when the copper tube is exposed to specific soils.

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