Compressors phase 1

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Models: 5542
Colour:  Black





Refrigeration System Technical Specifications:

Evaporation Temperature Range (HBP – High Back Pressure):

The system operates within a versatile evaporation temperature range, maintaining optimal performance even in demanding conditions. With temperatures ranging from -23.3°C to +12.8°C, it utilizes R-22 refrigerant and employs a capillary/expansion refrigerant control mechanism. The compressor cooling rate is efficiently managed at 425 CFM, ensuring effective heat exchange during the evaporation process. The actual evaporating temperature is maintained at a steady 7.2°C.

Condensing Temperature:

The condensing process operates at a temperature of 55°C, effectively releasing heat from the refrigerant and facilitating the transition from gas to liquid.

Liquid Sub Cooling Temperature:

Ensuring system efficiency, the liquid sub-cooling temperature is maintained at 46°C. This optimizes the refrigerant state, enhancing its performance in the cooling cycle.

Compressor Details (50 Hz, 1ph, R-22)

The compressor, crucial to the system’s functionality, is designed for 50 Hz operation with a single phase. It is specifically configured for R-22 refrigerant, aligning with the system’s overall specifications.


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