Copper Harris Brazing Rod

AED 39.00

Copper brazing rods are commonly used in industries such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing, electrical, and automotive, where reliable and durable metal joints are necessary. It is important to select the appropriate brazing rod composition based on the specific metals being joined and the intended application to ensure optimal performance and quality of the brazed joint.



  • Harris Brazing Rod is used in the process of joining metals in which a filler metal is heated and then distributed over base metals joining the work pieces with the help of Brazing Rod
  • Copper Brazing Rod for the repairing maintenance and joining of copper and copper alloys


Colour Name Gold
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Model Name Copper Brazing Rod 0620F1
Model Number AWS A5.8BCuP-2


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