Electrical Insulation Paper

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  • 19mm
  • 24mm
  • 31mm
  • 35mm


Electrical insulation paper, also known as electrical insulating paper or transformer paper, is a crucial component used in various electrical applications to provide electrical isolation and prevent the flow of electricity between conductive components. Its excellent insulating properties make it an essential material in the electrical industry.

Here are some common uses of electrical insulation paper:

Transformer windings

Electrical insulation paper is widely used as a dielectric material in transformer windings. It separates the conductive windings and provides electrical insulation between them, preventing short circuits and ensuring efficient power transfer.

Electrical motors

Insulation paper is utilized in electric motors to isolate the different coil windings from each other, reducing the risk of electrical arcing and enhancing the motor’s performance and safety.


In capacitor manufacturing, electrical insulation paper is used as a dielectric between the conducting plates. It helps store and release electrical energy efficiently without causing internal short circuits

Insulating sleeves

Insulation paper is often converted into sleeves or tubes and used to insulate individual electrical conductors or cables. These sleeves protect the conductors from each other and external influences, ensuring electrical safety and reliability.

High-voltage cables

Electrical insulation paper is used in high-voltage cable manufacturing to separate the conductive cores and shield them from one another, preventing electrical breakdowns and maintaining the cable’s integrity.

Switchgear and circuit breakers

Insulation paper is employed to separate the contacts and current-carrying parts in switchgear and circuit breakers. It helps prevent electrical arcing and ensures reliable operation.

Electronic components

Electrical insulation paper is utilized in various electronic devices and components to insulate and protect sensitive parts from electrical interference and short circuits.

Power generators

Insulation paper is used to isolate the coils and windings in power generators, enabling efficient power generation and minimizing the risk of electrical failures.

Induction furnaces

In induction heating applications, electrical insulation paper helps separate the conductive coil from the workpiece being heated, ensuring controlled and efficient energy transfer.

Power transmission

Electrical insulation paper is employed in high-voltage power transmission systems to insulate and protect components like bushings and insulators, preventing electricity leaks and maintaining the reliability of the power grid.


  • Packaging Type Roll
  • Temperature 200 deg C
  • Compact design
  • Reliable
  • Optimum finish


Capacity 0.01 kg
Colour Name White
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Model Name Rewinding paper
Model Number Rewinding paper
Item Qty 1
Size 0.24 millimeter
What’s In The Box Rewinding paper

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19mm, 24mm, 31mm, 35mm


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