Flaring & swaging tool kit

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A flaring and swaging tool kit is a set of tools used in plumbing, automotive, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) applications to create flares and swages on various types of tubing. These tools are essential for connecting tubes and pipes securely and creating leak-free joints. Here’s a brief explanation of flaring and swaging:

Flaring: Flaring is the process of creating a widened or flared end on a tube or pipe. This is typically done to join two pieces of tubing together or to connect a tube to a fitting. Flares provide a larger surface area for a secure connection and prevent leaks. Flaring is commonly used in applications such as brake lines, fuel lines, and refrigeration systems.

Swaging: Swaging is the process of reducing the diameter of a tube or pipe by compressing it inward. This creates a tapered end on the tube, allowing it to fit into another tube or fitting of a smaller diameter. Swaging is often used when joining tubes or pipes of different sizes or when transitioning between different sections of a plumbing or HVAC system.

A typical flaring and swaging tool kit may include the following components:

Flaring Tool: A flaring tool is used to create the flares on the end of the tubing. It consists of a clamp or holder to secure the tube and a cone-shaped mandrel that is inserted into the tube to create the flare.

Swaging Tool: A swaging tool is used to compress the tube and reduce its diameter. It usually consists of a set of dies or inserts that fit into the tube and a mechanism to apply force and compress the tube.

Tube Cutters: Tube cutters are used to cut the tubing to the desired length before flaring or swaging. They typically have a sharp cutting wheel and a handle for rotating the cutter around the tube.

Deburring Tool: After cutting the tube, a deburring tool is used to remove any burrs or sharp edges from the cut end. This ensures a clean and smooth surface for flaring or swaging.

Tubing Bender: A tubing bender may also be included in the kit. It is used to bend the tubing at precise angles, allowing for proper installation and routing in plumbing or HVAC systems.

Additional Accessories: Some kits may also include various adapters, fittings, and carrying cases to enhance versatility and convenience.


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